Running for Fallen Firefighters

While strength is important to firefighting, cardiovascular fitness is one of the most important things a firefighter can do.  It helps maintain effectiveness on the fireground and will help you live a long and healthy life.  APL works with our colleagues at the ERHPL at the University of Buffalo with the Running for Fallen Firefighers Program to promote firefighter fitness.

APL is getting fit and remembering fallen firefighters

Participate in any event (running, cycling, swimming, really ANY event) and we will send you a free race bib, shown below, you can wear during your next event to show your support for fallen firefighters.  Send us your picture at the finish line and we will post it on the webpage. 

Request your race bib by contacting Lorrie Cote either by telephone: (412) 864-2067 or by email at  Please try to give us two weeks notice in order to get the bib to you before your race.


Running for Fallen Firefighters race bib


Pittsburgh Half Marathon 2011



     Adam and Amy                                      


 Jon                                Charity


   Hero Rush 7K Race - 2012

Stacy and Charles

9/11 Hero's Run

                                Priya, Kate, Deanna, Dave & Jill

                        Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot, November 2012


Stacy Gerstel

Great Race

                                              John Moroney